Friday, May 10, 2013

Computer Adaptive Testing helps in 40% faster screening of job candidates

Assessment methodology used earlier only by GRE and GMAT is now available to everyone thanks to Cloud Computing.

It' a common complaint of test takers that questions asked were either too easy or too tough and does not allow them to showcase their abilities. The traditional approach to testing administers a fixed set of questions to all test takers. This works reasonably well for the average middle-of-the-bell-curve crowd but fails badly in assessing top or bottom rankers.
That's why every reputed assessment test like GRE and GMAT has moved to Computer Adaptive Testing or CAT.
A Computer Adaptive Test works just as it sounds. It adapts. Based on your response to a given question, the system determines the next question to be asked. The CAT provides a more accurate assessment of candidate’s abilities because it administers a customized test that adapts, challenges and showcases candidate’s abilities. A CAT exam needs 40-50% fewer questions to accurately assess a person’s skill, compared to fixed online or paper-based test.
Until now, CAT methodology was available only to large assessors, employers and University. Cloud-based testing service providers have now brought the power of CAT to every recruiter, employer and coaching center. You can now create tests on various online assessment platforms and benefit from superior and faster assessments using adaptive testing.
SkillSign is one such platform which leverages on a cloud-based platform to provide cutting edge Computer Adaptive Testing capability on pay-per-use basis without needing any technical knowledge or expensive IT infrastructure. A recruiter or an employer can now easily differentiate run-of-the-mills from the best and improve their revenue.
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  1. Yes, I totally agree with you last month my friend given a GMAT exam that was very lengthy and very tough. That is why he was failed. But now GMAT and GRE moved to the CAT that is very beneficial for students because now they can prepare for this exam in a given amount of period. Also, students, who are not able to study by itself they can hire a private tutor. A private tutor will help you a lot to reach your target marks.

  2. In the past, CAT methodology was limited to large assessors, employers, and universities. However, thanks to cloud-based testing service providers, the power of CAT is now accessible to every recruiter, employer, and coaching center. You can take advantage of this technology by creating tests on various online assessment platforms. By embracing adaptive testing, you can experience superior and faster assessments that save time and deliver more precise results.
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